Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Introduction

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hoard-book1smallThe Keep on the Shadowfell was the first and last D&D 4E module I ran.

There was a TPK at the end, but that wasn’t the reason I never ran 4E again. Everyone disliked the game. Within weeks we were looking for an alternative game, in print, that would replace D&D 3.5 and, like many others we moved to Pathfinder. We still play Pathfinder more than any other game and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

Personally I avoided all discussion and involvement in “D&D Next” (or whatever 5th Edition was called during the playtests) and it was only when it was released last year that I decided to pick up a copy of the PHB (that’s Players Handbook to those of you that haven’t played D&D for 30+ years)

I read it, and was impressed like many others. So I decided to pick up the DMG and MM (oh how all the old acronyms come back to me!) and then purchased Hoard of the Dragon Queen. When I introduced it to the rest of the group there was muted interest; we all still wore the scars of 4E and were all heavily invested in Pathfinder. But, we decided to give it a go. Characters were created and we played a game.
Everyone liked it.

D&D 5E is simple and fast (compared to Pathfinder), there’s no need for minis which is good.

Nick has graciously decided to write up the game into a story which we’ll publish here. If you’ve played Hoard of the Dragon Queen err…SPOILERS! (That’s all the warning you’re getting)

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  • Edd – Evandar– Human Warlock
  • Roy – Mort – Human cleric of Lathander
  • Tracy – Belinda – Human cleric of Tymora
  • Nick – Meela – Elf Barbarian
  • James – Garrick – Gnome Rogue